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That Zagreb is the capital of Croatia you probably know. However, did you know that Zagreb has the first monument in the world built in a memory of the dog, that water polo club Mladost Zagreb is the most successful sports club in the world, that Zagreb lies on the 16th meridian of 16 and is the biggest metropolis in the world which has a ski resort only 20 minutes from downtown?

Zagreb’s 1 000 000 inhabitants makes for almost 1/4 of the total population in Croatia, it is a capital of many immigrants living in Zagreb locally called “dotepenci”. Zagreb slang or popularly known as “šatra” is one of the most unusual ones in the world created by an inversion of syllables and words and is often the object of studies of the world’s philologists.

Old Zagreb was known for its legends. Many stories were told about the events taking place within the city walls, but also outside of them. Many of the (true) the legend occurred on Medvednica mountain (Sljeme), and some of them are remembered still. Most of them were described by Marija Juric Zagorka, croatian writer, first female journalist in Croatia and a pioneer-to fight for women’s rights.

Main Square

Ban Jelacic Square, the city center, up till middle 19th century it was an open meadow with a role of market and livestock fair, today main meeting point when going out and socializing. There is our main meeting point “under the clock” which dominates the square along with Ban Jelacic sculpture.

  • Car – 5,5km, 10 min
  • Tram – 20 min
  • Walk – 3km, 30 min


Founded in the 11th century, named Cathedral of the Virgin Mary’s Assumption but is better known as the St. Stephen’s Cathedral as the ones in Vienna and Budapest, former capitals of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Beautiful building that brings pride and becomes an essential detail of each viewpoint of Zagreb.

  • Car – 5,5km, 10 min
  • Tram – 20 min
  • Walk – 3km, 30 min

Shopping – Clubbing – Patio Area

Part of the city in downtown known as the Zagreb “špica”, where it is important to see and be seen and the most famous urban fashion parade in southeastern Europe. Just sit down at one of the many terraces and enjoy the theater of life in Zagreb. There you can do your shopping in the fashion stores, or spend the evening in the most famous restaurants / bars / clubs.

  • Car – 5,5km, 10 min
  • Tram – 20 min
  • Walk – 3km, 30 min

Business Area – Radnička Street

Once the periphery of the city which grew industrial plants and storages, today the lifeblood of Zagreb business, a place for business meetings and headquarters of large foreign and domestic companies.

  • Car – 2.8km, 5 min
  • Tram – 10 min
  • Walk – 1,5km, 10 min


Due to the air traffic increase Zagreb airport became too small and a new large modern passenger terminal with facilities is being built. This will double the passenger traffic and Zagreb will be connected with twice as many destinations than today.

  • Car – 14km, 20 min
  • Shuttle/Tram– 35 min

Train Station

Beautiful building, one of the stops of legendary Orient Express. Built in the late 19th century in the neoclassical style as the pride of the Hungarian railways. Protected as a cultural asset is the biggest railway station in the region, the intersection of railway roads of southeastern Europe.

  • Car – 4km, 7 min
  • Tram – 13 min

Bus Station

Founded on the present site in 1961 it is the largest and most modern bus station in this part of Europe. With 44 platforms it is connecting Zagreb with all parts of Croatia and major European cities.

  • Tram – 5 min
  • Walk – 1,7km, 10 min


The lungs of Zagreb, a favorite resort for locals, with many hiking and biking trails and a ski resort that hosts Ski World Cup. It represents an ideal oasis for nature lovers and outdoor sports, just 20 minutes away from the city center.

  • Car – 10km, 20 min (planinarska staza), 21km vrh
  • Tram/Bus – 45 min

Maksimir Park

Maksimir park presents a unique object of park architecture, the first public park in southeastern Europe and among the first ones the world.

  • Car – 4km, 10 min
  • Tram – 25 min

Maksimir Stadium

Home of Croatian soccer champions GNK Dinamo, the largest stadium in Croatia where national team matches are also being played.

  • Car – 4km, 10 min
  • Tram – 25 min

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